A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away....          Just Kidding.     

About Fashion Fit Models

Based in New York City, Fashion Fit Models is dedicated to the technical fashion design industry since 2007. Born out of a NYC apartment in Chelsea, and grown into a full service agency. We have worked with a client base ranging from Calvin Klein to Express , Alexander Wang to Veronica Beard and everything in between. Our love of technical design grows everyday and with it the desire to share the industry with others and facilitate success in their lives as Fashion Fit has done for others for over ten years now. 

Our Founding Mother...

Alina Benfield began her life long journey through fashion as a print and runway model at age 16. She traveled and worked for many years, after which she settled in NYC. In New York she explored ART and FASHION DESIGN at F.I.T. while beginning her fit modeling career for Alexander Wang and the late Charles Nolan. Thus was born a decades long love affair with clothing design and construction.

 In 2007 she began Fashion Fit Models and represents girls who share her same passion for the industry from Coast to Coast.